the 6th drum your heart out weekend drum break!

6th weekend feb 2016, devon
stand by for a NEW VENUE...!

£145 + £50 food

'...the intensive nature of the course allowed me to make a couple of 'leaps' in playing that would have been very difficult without it...' -K.C.

come and spend the weekend relaxing and playing in beautiful grounds, in devon... good company, good food, stunning views... the perfect way to get down to some serious drumming...

there's not much better a way to relax into the drumming experience, than by spending a whole weekend doing it (well, apart from spending a week doing it, obviously, but we must walk before we can run! or so I am told...).

the food is shared just like the workshops, the accomodation is basic

and saturday night is 'true ceilidh', apparently, so we learnt from our Kerry... 'a bit of this and a bit of that'... I looked it up on wikipeadia; 'originally, a ceilidh was a social gathering of any sort, and did not necessarily involve dancing. the 'ceilidh' is a literary entertainment where stories and tales, poems and ballads (and obviously drumming!), are rehearsed and recited, and songs are sung, conundrums are put, proverbs are quoted, and many other literary matters are related and discussed'.

so that is saturday night.... a wonderful shared meal, followed by drumming. Poems, read or recited. Guitars. Songs. More poems. More songs. And more drumming. And of course dancing is not banned! a few bottles of wine, more guitar, songs, poems... 

come and join us!

weekends may be held at broadhempston, seale hayne, and other venues are being explored. each venue has its own flavour, of course...

so whether your drum hasn't been parted from its bag for months or even years, or if you have never even touched a drum before, but always wondered if you could, if you have ever been moved by the sound of a drum, you are welcome.

7th weekend AUG 2016

£145 includes accomodation, and all tuition. please let felicity know if you would like to borrow a drum (at no extra cost)

to book
please send a cheque, made out to 'felicity scott', for £45 non-returnable deposit, to 'drum your heart out', 108 oaklands park, buckfastleigh, TQ11 0BW, and include your name, address, telephone number and email address in the envelope. felicity will then contact you.

well house
broadhempston... welcome!
well house
broadhempston... view across the lawn
well house
broadhempston... the sauna at dusk! for 5 or 6 very good friends...
main entrance
seale hayne... welcome!
view from my bedroom window...
seale hayne... morning view from my bedroom window...