more information about 'drum your heart out!' workshops...

we bring people together through music, running workshops for beginners, improvers, and 'all-in!' sessions for the whole range of musical and rhythmic abilities

we play with, predominantly, pete scott's 'DRUMBREAKS 7 RHYTHMS', and combine teaching, playing, reflection, and drumcircle facilitation techniques.

sessions are light hearted, supportive, exciting, challenging, fun...

who are the sessions for?
the days and evenings are for adults (though if appropriate, keen under 18 year olds may be welcomed) who are keen to drum.
we have sessions aimed at different abilities, including whether a drum has ever been touched before or not, or whether or not there is any musical background or understanding, or whether drumming experience has encompassed many years...

what do we do?
the majority of rhythms that we work with come from the 'drumbreaks' system, designed many years ago by Peter Scott. This system consists of 7 universal multi-layered rhythms which provide a very useful foundation for the westener, on which to build. And central to the whole day is the focus of being able to play together, in time, rather than just focusing on learning complicated rhythms. We will often work on several layers of a few rhythms during the day, depending on what is appropriate for everyone present, and often some soloing skills, technique improvement... what ever is appropriate to create empowered drummers.

what do the workshops consist of?
each day varies depending on who is there, and what each person is wanting from the day. We begin with a loose plan, as below, which is continually adjusted as the day progresses

9:45-10:00 am arrival in time for cups of tea and general milling
10:00 am 'drumcall' an opportunity to literally just play together, explore the instrument if you are new to it, get re-acquainted if you are not, settle in, relax, listen to each other... 
               'check in' with each other, 
                and then settle in to some serious drumming!
11:30 am-ish break tea, chatting, questions, and allowing the information we have taken in to work away subconsciously whilst we are not paying attention - it usually works best that way.
11:45 am-ish serious drumming
1:00 pm-ish shared lunch
2:00 pm-ish often a technique session, and time for any more questions, followed by some more serious drumming
3:00 pm-ish break
3:15 pm-ish serious drumming
3:55-4:00 pm completion

does the group perform?
we have a group of drummers within the group,
'the heartbeat drummers' who perform. participation in this group is by invitation

what should i bring?

  • please bring, and this is essential, a sense of humour
  • if you have a drum, bring that too, and if you don't, do just let felicity know, and she will make sure there is one reserved for you (with no charge)
  • some people also like to bring a pen and paper to take notes, or a personal recording device... some people prefer to just allow the whole session  to just gently and naturally absorb, delighting in the knowledge that studying is not necessary!
  • and if you are attending a day, please also bring lunch to share. unless you are attending ottery, in which case you are fortunate enough to have 'the samosa lady' to look forward to!
  • both venues have ample free parking 

is there anything else i should know?
you are really welcome. and if there is anything else you are wondering about, you are very welcome to just give felicity a call, or drop her an email, and have a chat about it all. We look forward to welcoming you...